The Benefits and Pitfalls of Outsourcing Human Resources, Insurance, and Payroll

With the RIGHT Partner, you get Large Company HR, Insurance and Payroll Power at a fraction of the normal cost.

So what does the Right partner mean?  Not a Call Center. Beware of Call Centers!!!! This is a common model among PEO’s and some of the large Outsourcing Companies who are great at selling  and bad at delivering the Services promised.

Of late, some Outsourcing Companies are shipping the ‘call centers’ overseas.  This is not a good solution and  we need to keep  the jobs in the US.
When done well, HR, Payroll, Recruiting and Insurance can work as a business advantage.  When done poorly, it leaves you open to Lawsuits, incorrect Paychecks (unhappy employees) and incorrect Insurance coverage.

Ask to meet your Service Team.  Ask the Service Team about their relevant work experience and qualifications in HR, Insurance and Payroll.

Read the fine print…Long Contracts with small print are not written in your favor or to protect you.

HRO has a Single Page Contract with no small print.  We do what we say we will do, without reservations.

Benefits of Outsourcing HR Payroll and Insurance Services

  • Significant reduction in costs and overhead
  • Efficiency in Data Management
  • Frees up  additional time and resources to grow your  Business
  • Access to high level HR, Payroll  and Insurance Resources
  • Speed of issue resolution
  • Adaptable and scalable

HRO offers À la Carte Service …you select the Services you need.  As your needs change, we FLEX the services provided.

HRO takes pride in our “Client First” philosophy and Tailors our Services to meet your needs.

We provide both ‘On Site’ and ‘On Call’ HR Support.

Our model includes Full Outsourcing and partial outsourcing of HR, Insurance and Payroll.

HRO takes the time to get to know your Company and creates a Plan to address your specific needs.

HRO encourages networking and business development within our select and successful Client Group.

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